seattle to new york

I am New York bound. I’ve talked the talk, now it’s time to walk the walk.

1823 farmhouseWhat and Where
A New York 1823 farmhouse, 3 acres, large chicken house with yard and plenty of garden space.

What’s happening
The farm life awaits! The house needs plenty of love and I can’t wait to embrace it.

A true labor of love, I will peel back layers of the house to reveal the splendor beneath years of updates and I look forward to sharing every step with you.

My garden space here in western Washington is limited to containers and I am already planning the garden blueprint to sow seeds for my future. The chicken house will more than likely wait another season before seeing new residents, as I want to study and learn before buying chicks. A healthy hen house is my top priority and it would be irresponsible to dive in without knowledge.

The next harvest will be filled with blessings and bounty as summer crops will be put up to be enjoyed year-round.

So, What’s Next?
I can’t wait to visit farms and markets in the state of New York. I love getting to know new people and this adventure will find me talking to farmers and finding new brands to love, write about and share with you. My blog, social media and video will be filled with my journey. And the magazine? Of course I can’t wait for you to see it. You can subscribe here,  take a peek at our partnership page here and product placement, here.

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